H2 Princess Pitchers

Horseshoe Bend's h² ladies pitchers league promotes the positivity of play through the joy of horseshoe pitching

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Horseshoe Bend's Horseshoe Pitchers Royal Court!

The h² ladies pitchers league is more than just a sports league; it's a movement.

Joy of Horseshoe Pitching

Join us for friendly competition and camaraderie on the horseshoe pitching field.

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Meet and Reconnect with Friends

Whether you want to enhance your pitching skills or make lifelong friendships, our league has something for you.

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a picture of a poster on the side of a building

Our vision

Envisioning a future where the H² Princess Pitchers reign supreme, we aspire to transform Horseshoe Bend into a beacon of empowerment, where women from all walks of life come together to celebrate their prowess in horseshoe pitching.

Our vision is a vibrant community where the values of respect, inclusivity, and perseverance shine as bright as the crowns of the queens we are.

Through our dedication to excellence and community engagement, we aim to inspire a movement that transcends the boundaries of our sport, creating a sisterhood of empowered women who carry the torch of leadership, innovation, and unity.

In the spirit of Horseshoe Bend, we will continue to elevate the game, crafting a legacy of strength, elegance, and royal camaraderie that resonates far beyond the pitch.

Our mission

In the majestic realm of Horseshoe Bend, the H² Princess Pitchers embark on a noble quest to foster a kingdom of strength, grace, and unity through the timeless sport of horseshoe pitching.

We pledge to uphold the virtues of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and personal growth, empowering each member to unleash their inner royalty on and off the pitch.

As custodians of this cherished community, we commit to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where every princess can flourish, inspired by our scenic surroundings like Crown and Diamond Lakes.

Our mission is to celebrate the triumphs, nurture the talents, and honor the spirit of every participant, forging a legacy of empowerment and excellence for generations to come

Discover how women of all skill levels are enjoying Horseshoe Bend, AR.

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